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The Warden allowed me some time away from packing to give the ‘ole blog some love – so I’ll make the most of my time here while I have it!

We had another successful night of packing… only a few more to go before the movers arrive and we’re out of time.  The Hours, and their song, ‘Ali In The Jungle’ , has been on heavy rotation – check it out []!  It gets us pumped and singing along, forgetting for a few minutes about the task at hand – leading to numerous faux boxing matches… sometimes with the air!   We’ve moved cross-country three times (and counting, I’m sure), how can moving down the street be the same amount of work?!

You may not believe it, (because I’ve slacked in mentioning it on here) but we’ve been to quite a few Spring Training games this year.  Spring baseball is THE thing to do here in Phoenix throughout the month of March, and we were lucky to get to a few games here and there – Rich’s attendance beats mine, but it’s all good!  Day games and night games… it’s just fun to meet up with friends and spend time outside before the temps are off the charts.  We closed out the month this past Friday, watching the Reds take on the Indians – former Red Sox player Bronson Arroyo was NOT making me proud up there on the mound.  Oh well – with that performance I was happy he was no longer affiliated with us Boston fans.   And how ’bout those Red Sox?!   Winning the season opener against the Yankees!!!

Aaaaand now I’ve just lost a faithful reader….   my father-in-law has surely closed his screen at this point.  🙂

Ok, enough sports talk!

Very excited for our big move this weekend, and an engagement shoot with friends on Sunday afternoon.   More to come soon!

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