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2012 | charlotte photographer

Last day of the year.


Photography-wise (and on a personal level – hello, baby on the way!), it has been a fabulous year!  I’ve had the honor of shooting as the sun set on a Jamaican wedding, and as the sun rose on the white-capped Rockies of Denver; while a Wizard of Oz-like storm rolled into the hills of Vermont… along the beaches & among the apple orchards of NH, in back alleys of Charlotte and so much more.

And in those places, I’ve captured so many moments.

My love for certain ones has continued to develop:  laughter, movement, blowing hair and closed eyes.  Crying babies and families loving on each other.  An embrace that says SO much, and a sideways glance that says even more.  Real life.

I’m so thankful to my clients who embrace my vision and love those in-between moments just as much as I do.  A posed photo says one thing… and all the others say everything else.

What’s your favorite memory of 2012?  Pick one.  Let it carry you into the New Year.



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WINNERS! & behind the scenes | charlotte lifestyle photographer

Congratulations to the winners of our giveaway:  Abby and Mary Beth!! 

And thank you to all those who entered or shared with others… Jenn & I appreciate your support!

And while you’re here, I wanted to share a couple behind the scenes photos of a little project I’m working on with Jenn, and a couple other creative friends, Dry Ink Designs and The Creative Stack!  Stay tuned for more on this come July!


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the fortunate plight + a giveaway!!! | charlotte family photographer

“It’s kind of like this Peter Pan fort in some guy’s backyard — he built it himself”

This is how Jenn described the first location of our session last weekend…  and it could not have been more accurate because when we arrived and I saw it, I was at a loss for words as to what was before us:  an enormous tree fort, spanning the woodsy backyard of a stranger she had met years before.  Filled with artwork and carvings, its bridges and spiral stairways often creaking under the weight of us.  They let Dyce loose and like a pack of Lost Boys, we chased him throughout the maze of wood and weirdness.  We followed up our time in the trees with something a bit more civilized, and then took off running barefoot in a sun-soaked field (not a splinter in sight).

To say this is one beautiful family would be an understatement.  And I’m not talking about their model-worthy good looks.  I’m talking about the outrageous amount of love they have for each other… the insane amount of love they have for their little boy; the way they make parenthood look so cool, and so easy.

And it’s Jenn’s words that complete them…  it’s her words that captivate us, that make us laugh, cry and dream along with her.  She writes, and with her words we get to ride shotgun for a small slice of their adventure.

And with that, I am sooo excited to announce that I have partnered with Jenn on a pretty amazing Giveaway!!  She’s got all the details on her blog, so head over to The Fortunate Plight and check it out!!

Seriously, go!

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spring | is anybody home?

The blog is alive!

I’m still here!

Spring has sprung in Charlotte, and with it comes beautiful flowers AND allergies……

and a cold.

It seems I’ve been sick for the past month (which at this point, feels like years) and unfortunately that means this little corner of the web has taken a back seat.  And while I haven’t felt up to writing much lately, I’m still around, fueling other creative outlets around our house with help from Pinterest, and working on a little something with friends like The Fortunate Plight, The Creative Stack and Dry Ink Designs!

I have a bunch of mini sessions planned for this weekend, some fun family sessions for next, and a Denver wedding the following.

So stay tuned!

And even though Spring is not my favorite, it sure is pretty:

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