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Dear PJ,

Here we are at month 10!  And once again I’m not as into the ‘stats’ of your growth as much as I’m into the millions of moments that I want to bottle up and save until the end of time. Because I don’t think anyone has invented such a thing yet…  I jot them down for when my memory fades.  And we’re right back to month #9:

Your hand still fits in mine and the way your little fingers wrap around my thumb.


How big you have started to look in the high chair, with your legs reaching the bar and looking so long.

Your forced giggle as you laugh to yourself about something.  Which gets us laughing and then you really start laughing.

Also, the “monster” sound affects you make.


The way you rub your eyes when you’re tired

And the sound of your little voice as you say these words often:  Dadda, Momma, Babbbaaabyee (and something that is SO close to resembling Gus)


Your blonde hair that is growing in like crazy and getting longer every day.

Let’s not forget the crazy bed head as well.


Beautiful blue eyes.


How content you are to be placed in your “sleep suit” each night.  I laugh to myself when I think about how I will explain this to you years from now.

Your long legs and arms now sticking out of above mentioned suit.  You hit a serious growth spurt around your 9 month checkup and it’s so evident.

Your happiness and personality.  You are so chill, so easy going.


The way you thrive in your school environment.  Whenever we drop you off or pick you up, you are heading straight for your group of friends, or surrounded by them.

Did I mention your laugh?  Sweetest sound I ever did hear.


Bath time.  We sing, we play with your toys… you splash.  And recently we’ve started brushing your (7) teeth!  You’re particular… you like me to rinse the brush frequently – only because I think you like to suck the water out of it.  Whatever it takes to keep those whites pearly.


Moving on to food, you’re eating ALL kinds of table foods at school!  (Thank goodness for the chef they have on staff… I’m still waiting for one to show up at our house…)  Your daily report tells us all the things you’re eating… and when I try some of them with you at home, nothing.  Peer pressure has begun.  And/or:  EATS WELL WITH OTHERS.  😉


The day you took two steps right into my arms.  Sunday after Thanksgiving.  So.proud.


Your curiosity.  And your LOVE of opening and closing doors.


Also, turning the pages of books.


Your resistance to naps…  and yet how long you actually sleep when you take one.  Usually two hours, on my chest, and it’s heaven.



What I want to remember forever and ever is the time I took these photos and your Dad ran around like a crazy person to entertain you — and keep you in one place for more than 10 seconds.


I know you won’t remember any of these moments.

Just look at the photos of the early days, read these words…  and know how much you are loved beyond words.



I love you, Peejer!!


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dear PJ | personal

Dear PJ,

Doing life with you is so fun! 

Here’s a 1 minute glimpse of month 7:

and right into month 8 we go!


We love you!

Mommy & Daddy

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upcoming! | charlotte wedding photographer

Happy Fall, y’all!  A little preview of what’s to come on the bloggity…

Rob & Genia’s maternity session:


Part II of Jesse & Katie’s camp wedding:


Shaun & Jill’s NH wedding:


Thomas & Erin’s Brooklyn wedding:


The Lockett family:


Pin-worthy 2nd birthday party details!:


and on a personal note – my monthly letter to PJ:

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Dear PJ | personal

Dear PJ,

I cannot believe you are 7 months old.  I know I say this every month, and I’m sounding like a broken record, but seriously.  7 months?  Cut it out.


Since you’re not getting any younger, let’s do a little round up on your life as a 6 month old:

6 month check-up…  your Dad and I had a fun guessing game before the appointment as to what your weight might be.  I said something around 18 lbs and he said a little more than that.  But you surprised us both, weighing in at a bruising 16lbs. 12.5 oz.  And you grew exactly 1 inch over the past 2 months.  All that percentile talk says you’re a little guy, but I say you’re perfect.


You continued to army crawl like a maniac (maybe that’s how you’re burning up all those calories!).  You are fast…  you know exactly what you want and go after it.  You’re very squirmy and very curious.  A fun combination for anyone who is holding you!  And recently you’ve started to pull up on things, which makes me think it’s about time to lower the crib.

Flights 5 and 6 are under your belt.  You were a perfect little passenger for both legs…  sleeping and smiling your way through the friendly skies.  We have a few more trips to go this year and I continue to hope all this travel will become a sort of second nature for you, setting us up for successful flights throughout your toddler years (please!?).


2nd ear infection – boo!  But another weigh-in:  17lbs 1.5 oz!  Boooya!

We continued with your physical therapy for torticollis.   Lots of stretching and activities to get your neck muscle stretched out and the tilted-head pictures a thing of the past.


First baseball game: Red Sox v Detroit at Fenway Park – and they won!

First subway ride

First trip to the beach – you loved the ocean!

First visit to the state of Maine

First night away from both of us – Grammy and Grampa Snow were MORE than happy to love on you while we ventured to the mountains for a wedding.


Month 6 brought three anniversary celebrations:  #6 for Mommy & Dad, #36 for Grammy and Grampa Snow and #FIFTY!!! for Grammy and Grampa Golf.  50!   It’s not lost on your Dad or I as to how lucky we are in celebrating these milestones, and what it might mean for you down the road.   Love, respect and partnership… look no further than the history of your own family for true examples of each.

Remember those flights I mentioned?  They kind of threw off your “schedule” and we paid for that every night of the 10 days we were away… but as friends and the internet promised, with persistence (and some help from the magic suit) you are back on track and sleeping 12 hours a night.  And speaking of all that sleep… you’ve turned into a bit of a side/belly sleeper, which means we’ve started to transition out of the suit.  The first night was ROUGH but last night you slept like a champ… we’ll see how the next few nights and weeks go.  More stories for month 7, I’m sure.


And if all the other firsts of this month were not enough… the one that made me the most emotional was the switch to formula.  I write this one mostly for myself – as part of the history of this first year.  I saw it coming about a month ago:  a simple case of supply and demand… my body not being able to keep up with your big appetite.  So we worked our way through the frozen stockpile and soon enough I found myself crying in the aisles of Target.   Yep, I cried big tears in Target!   I never imagined I’d be so emotional, but I was.  You, on the other hand, never batted an eye with the first supplemental bottle nor any other thereafter.  Thanks for being awesome.  We had a great 6 and a ½ month run… and I’m thankful mother nature made the call as to when this journey ended.   So now I look to the brighter side of this transition:  living a life that doesn’t revolve around an ‘every 3 hours schedule’, and an extra glass of wine if I feel like it!


And how about some quick likes/dislikes of the moment:

LIKES:    sweet potatoes – definitely your favorite food.  Gus – you loooove Gus.  And he loves you even more.  school –  always the biggest smile when we drop you off.  I refer to your teachers as your 3rd and 4th grandmas!  bath time – you love to play with the green water pail while chewing on rubber ducky’s head.  walks – you sit so quietly and content in your stroller, taking everything in.  you also always hold on to the right inside wall.  ….maybe I’m a crazy driver?!  the remote control –  the love affair continues.  the couple times you managed to change the channel, we ended up on Thomas the Train and a football game.  Such a guy already.  the kit kat theme song – I sing this to you on the way home from school most nights.  You love it.  We’re silly.


When I asked your Dad for some input on dislikes, he responded with:  dislikes?  I like everything about PJ!  Clearly he misunderstood the question.  And quickly responded with:  when the Giants lose, and your high chair.

…. He’ll always keep us laughing.


You continue to be the happiest baby….  so easy-going and so laid back.  Can’t wait to see what this new month brings.

We love you, and LIKE you, beyond words.



**And I feel the need to add a little disclaimer to this post.  After chatting with a good friend after last month’s update, she expressed she was feeling some Mom guilt about seeing my photos for these updates and never pulling out her ‘good’ camera for pictures.   So here comes the disclaimer:  I take 99% of PJ’s photos on my iPhone… a few times a month, I will grab my real camera, but usually life is happening to quickly for anything but a fast (and generally poor quality!) phone shot.  All I want for PJ is memories to look back on some day, and I doubt he’ll ask about the camera they were taken with.  Right?  Right!   Just keepin’ it real.  xo

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dear PJ | personal

6 months.

Half a year.

My whole world.

Two huge highlights for month 5:  army crawling all over the place!  and sleeping through the night (thanks to the most magical of magic inventions)!

Happy half birthday, Peej-man!!  If it was appropriate for you to have a cake today, it would be in the form of a giant remote control.

I love you!


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