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Dear PJ,

Today we danced around the dining room to the Motown station on Pandora for the better part of 40 minutes.

You were so content to listen to me sing off key.  So peaceful as we dipped and swayed.

Your Dad poked his head in, and I told him we were picking out a song for the Mother – Son dance at your wedding.

I immediately got teary eyed.


These 6 weeks have flown by at dizzying pace of sheer exhaustion and indescribable happiness.


And your big open-mouthed smile is the BEST thing I’ve ever seen:

I love you.



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Dear PJ,

So it’s YOU I’ve been writing to for all these months… my sweet little boy.

It’s been one week since we welcomed you into this world

You have already changed our lives in a way I can’t describe.

And our love for you is something I can’t find words for.

I stare at you for hours on end…  and yet time has never passed so quickly.

We love you.

Mommy & Daddy

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