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Crystal & Brian | NH Wedding Photographer

Crystal and I met waaaaay back in high school, where we spent hours upon hours (upon hours) cheering together!  We became great friends and bonded quickly over our love of toe touches.. (She even suggested we try one during their engagement shoot, but I doubt Brian wanted to be the one to cart the two of us off to a hospital!)  Throughout the years we have managed to keep in touch – how she keeps track of our ever-changing address, and sends a Christmas card each year still amazes me!  It speaks volumes to the kind of person she is.

I still remember when she told me about Brian, and how they met at Old Navy folding clothes.  She’d travel back from college on the weekends to work, and be with him.  Eleven years later, here they are – and so the story goes.

As we met in the parking lot prior to the shoot, they told me they were a little unsure of what to do for the camera, how to pose, etc etc… my only advice was to be themselves – and just like that, they were.  Has it really been 11 years?  Because the love in their eyes when they looked at each other told me they could have met 11 minutes ago.  I saw a comfortable, laughter-filled, loving couple – a perfect fit for each other, which seems appropriate given their start in a clothing store.

Crystal and Brian, I can’t wait to document your wedding day in August – looking forward to it already!!

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Sneak Peek! | Charlotte Wedding Photographer

An engagement!  Spring in NH!  And an adorable baby!  Coming soon…

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Karen & Sean | Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Karen and Sean were recently engaged during a weekend getaway to Sedona!  During a hike through the red rock mountains the area is famous for, Sean took the opportunity to ask a couple passing by to take their picture… then dropped to one knee – much to the surprise of Karen, and the nice strangers who caught it all on film! 

They are still in the earliest stages of wedding planning… and I can’t wait to hear how the details develop.  🙂

Karen and Sean – it was so much fun to traipse around the desert landscape with you!  Best wishes for all the planning ahead!

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