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sara & sean + 1 | nh maternity photographer

I cannot think of a more appropriate word to describe this session, this post, this couple… than JOY.


Sara & Sean are expecting a little boy, Max, later this Summer.  And from the short time I spent with them I can assure you he is one lucky little guy.  His Mommy & Daddy are so sweet with each other, so caring, and during this session, so quietly but so obviously ELATED.

As we walked from one spot to the next, Sean was right there… hand out for Sara: protective, attentive and oh so loving.  And that look in her eye, that smile on her face, spoke volumes in return.

Sara & Sean – I loved getting to know you!  I cannot wait to hear the news of little Max’s arrival.

Absolutely beautiful:

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jackie & jones | charlotte maternity photographer

Driving through the old metal gate and slowly down the winding drive, you first come upon apple trees and green fields that stretch into the distance.  Acres and acres and acres of green.  Rounding the last of several bends, there sits a brick house, its large screen porch looking out onto a small lake, a lake that on this day is so still it could be glass.  Stepping out of the car, the smell of fresh cut hay is the first thing you notice, just as 5 deer run by.


Is this place for real?


Jackie & Jones are expecting a little girl in August… and when it came time to choose a location for their maternity session, the decision was easy and heartfelt:  his grandparent’s farm.  Nestled in what feels like the middle of nowhere, it defines the term peaceful.  To Jones, it is a place filled with memories, the quiet only disturbed by the laughter of his cousins or the crackling of a campfire; a place of family and history, something so special.

And when he first brought Jackie for a visit many years ago, she instantly fell in love.  Laughing as she recalled a story of walking the roads with his Grandmother, she, letting the boys run off ahead and coaxing Jackie back to the house for some quiet girl time.

The property is now for sale.  The kids have grown.. and the visits are less frequent.  It may belong to a new family by the time their little girl is old enough to barrel roll down the hills or fish for tadpoles.  And because of that, they wanted to create a memory here, with her and for her;  the story of this day to be told amongst all the others before it.

And one last photo with Maggie:

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