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special offering! | NH Wedding Photographer

Most of you know I live in Charlotte… with a house and a mortgage, wonderful friends and a fabulous Southern city to call our own.  Charlotte is where we have decided to build our life and spend the coming years.

But I was born and raised in New England (NH to be exact!), and to me, that will always be Home. 

I have a special piece hanging on the wall by the back door in our house.  I see it every time I leave, each time I sit down to eat, when I’m doing dishes, or playing with Gus on the kitchen floor.  It reads: Home is the place our feet may leave, but not our hearts.  My Mom stitched it for me as a going away gift when I left for college, and it is always the first thing I’ve hung up in any place we’ve lived.  It is so treasured for the love it was made with and the sentiment it carries.

And the other day it got me thinking about a special offering, because Charlotte is a quick flight to Boston (and there’s nothing I love more than a visit back Home!):

For any wedding booked in New England, all travel fees will be waived.  Just like that.

You make the same investment in your wedding photography as any local bride would, and there will be no additional costs for my travel to be there for your big day.

So if you’re a bride-to-be in the Northeast who loves my style (or if you know of someone planning their wedding!), let’s chat!

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Packing & Unpacking | Home

Things have been busy over here… we’ve moved into a new home, and along with all that excitement comes lots of packing and unpacking!

The packing is done, the unpacking may take some time.  We’ve rummaged our way through a few boxes, and assembled a couple tables for the kitchen.

So we could eat meals like this on something other than a tv table (as we’ve done for the past 4 months while house hunting!):

And we’ve also been enjoying the view of our neighborhood from the front steps:

Lots to do still, but feels so good to be Home.

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And the winner is! :

Congrats to Karen!

As I mentioned, I would be picking the winner at random… and you can see above that the system for doing so was waaaay fancy!

Thank you all for taking a minute or two to comment and show some love.

And there’s still time to check out this website and bid on auction items to benefit Kaitlyn and her family:

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It’s almost Spring!  And with a new (warmer!) season approaching, I figured now would be the best time to introduce my first blog reader giveaway:

This time around I’m giving away a $20 iTunes gift card!

Entering to win is simple:  Just leave a comment below between today and midnight on March 5th, and I’ll choose someone at random to receive it.  (As always, your email address will remain confidential)

I’ll announce the winner here on the blog on Sunday, March 6th!

Stay tuned — and thanks for reading!

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