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easter | personal

Easter at the beach…  we thought it would be a good choice.


A massive line out of the door of Brown’s… forced us across the street to the less crowded, but still delicious, Markey’s.

Lobster for Easter was a perfect choice.

Time at the beach was even better.


…..And yes, we said sooo many times throughout the meal that this amount of food was sinful.  But then we agreed, actually EATING ALL OF IT would be the real sinful part, so we finished the lobsters and took most of the rest home, heh!


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spring | is anybody home?

The blog is alive!

I’m still here!

Spring has sprung in Charlotte, and with it comes beautiful flowers AND allergies……

and a cold.

It seems I’ve been sick for the past month (which at this point, feels like years) and unfortunately that means this little corner of the web has taken a back seat.  And while I haven’t felt up to writing much lately, I’m still around, fueling other creative outlets around our house with help from Pinterest, and working on a little something with friends like The Fortunate Plight, The Creative Stack and Dry Ink Designs!

I have a bunch of mini sessions planned for this weekend, some fun family sessions for next, and a Denver wedding the following.

So stay tuned!

And even though Spring is not my favorite, it sure is pretty:

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Two. | personal

My Gus,

Thank you for being the sweetest, most loving, 83 lb. lap dog I have ever met.

The second my foot hits the floor in the morning, your tail starts thumping as you lay upside down on your bed.

The minute my key is in the door each evening, you are there, tail wagging again.

I can’t help but smile every morning and evening because of you.

You are 2 going on 12… the gentlest of souls.


There is no love like that of a dog.

(And yes, you absolutely deserve your own photo shoot on your birthday)


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the Universe listens..

Put a thought out into the Universe.

Throw a dream out there too.

And set some unrealistic goals for yourself while you’re at it.

Go ahead and whisper them into the wind.


As  were packing for our move back to Charlotte, between the taping of one box and the labeling of another, he said once we were back he wanted to get into coaching.  Just a simple statement… no plan, no timeline.  Something he wanted for himself, for his life.  The only ears to hear those words were mine.

We moved and our new chapter began.

A few months ago he got a call from a friend… one thing led to the next, and today they are coaching a basketball team of 11 & 12 year olds.  (I’m the biggest fan of a group of little kid strangers there ever was!)


The Universe listens… and things begin to unfold.



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