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lamps & chairs & color… oh my

It’s a running joke that if left up to my own devices, our house would be full of nothing but lamps and chairs.

I seriously cannot resist them… colorful lamp shades, cool bases, mis-matched comfy chairs around the dining room table.  Sold.

And as we approach the year mark since moving in (April is just around the corner right?!), it’s fun to see how far we’ve come, and how far behind we are in decorating and getting things together.  We have undertaken a few small projects (cleaning up the yard) and some big ones (ripping up the upstairs carpet – hardwoods underneath!), but the interior designer in me has taken a bit of a back seat.

After years of jumping around from apartment to apartment all over the country, and QUICKLY unpacking and setting up shop.. I’ve found it hard to commit to hanging anything on the freshly painted walls (thanks, Dad!!) or picking out furniture for our permanent home.  I want to take my time… make it personal, and truly a reflection of us.

It will eventually come together, or forever be a work in progress.

Either way, if you stop by…  you’ll have a place to sit, and light to read by.

A little peek of what’s inside:

We may also have this enormous map … a fun little project I’m working on, and great conversation piece:

What’s the must-have item for your home?

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beef. it’s not for dinner (in this house) | personal

So I’ve been vegetarian (or to be more precise, pescatarian, I still eat fish & dairy) for going on 9 months or so now.  I made it through Thanksgiving and Christmas without the usual staples of Turkey and Roast Beef, and have lived to tell about it.

This vegetarian lifestyle is not something I ever thought was for me… nor did I intentionally set out to do it.  It kind of happened naturally over the course of a couple years.  I was eating less and less meat for quite awhile, and then on a random Saturday last April, I decided to quit.  There was no plan in place and no timeline for how long it would last… it was Spring, a season quickly leading into a Summer of pool parties, beach trips and BBQ’s.

(Have I mentioned that we live in the South?  Home of the fried chicken biscuit for BREAKFAST?  Ok – Just wanted to be sure we were on the same page)

I just figured I’d give it a try.

My main fear(?) was how this new lifestyle change would affect those around me… mostly the people throwing said barbecue’s, those hosting dinners, and suggesting restaurants to meet up at.  And those holidays mentioned above.  I never wanted to put anyone out by having them make something “extra” for me, or looking strange because I wasn’t eating the beautiful spread they had out for a brunch.

And thankfully, this meat-free life has been working out just fine.

Aside from the usual questions about getting enough protein (lots of milk, beans and fish!), everyone wants to know what the heck Rich is eating??

Well, he certainly doesn’t go hungry… so we can all sleep well at night knowing that.

Like many friends and family in my life, he’s also very supportive of this choice I’ve made.  I’m also no Chef Boyardee, so it’s not like he’s been accustomed to having gourmet meals… we generally have a lot of fish, and with the help of a few cookbooks he’s gifted me, I’ve attempted some new recipes (some hits, some misses) as well.

Of the new ones I’ve tried lately, his favorite is vegan mac n’ cheese!  I actually made this one a couple months ago, missing a few key ingredients (whooooops!) and he still liked it.  When he requested it this morning (and I about fell off my chair).. I gave it another shot, all ingredients included.

Huge hit!

And so the journey continues.

I certainly get a little tiny craving every now and then for a Big Mac… but it passes, with the help of a small fry, and the knowledge of the best black bean burgers in town.



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personal posts

Have you been wondering where they went?

Because I have.

When I first started blogging I was posting nearly every day.  Everything from the mundane (I’m suuure there was a ‘what I had for breakfast’ post?) to the funny (Rich’s attempt, and success!, at climbing Camelback Mountain in Phoenix).  And all of a sudden life got busy.  And then we moved back to Charlotte, and life got even BUSIER.  Our calendar has been booked most days / nights / weekends since the moment we pulled back into town a year ago…. because we have the most awesomely huge group of amazing friends who are always planning, doing and being.  The exact reason we moved back, and the exact reason we are here for good.

Which brings me to my point —> over the past year I’ve had more material to blog about than ever before!

And yet, I didn’t.

All of a sudden I became shy.  And I wasn’t sure what to share, or how to get back to the personal posts I used to do?  Looking at pretty pictures is fun, and I’m sure if you’re here you enjoy those, but I’m ALSO guessing you really enjoy the personal stuff.  Because, and if you’re like me, (and unless I’m talking about breakfast foods) I find the blogs I follow and visit frequently interesting mostly for the people behind them and the stories they share about their lives.

So, Internet, I’m back…

The personal posts will be more frequent.  I’ve stated it here, and in my own handwriting on my list of goals for 2012.

Someone out there hold me to this, ok?

It’s my belief that a post is really not complete without a photo!  So here’s a sneak of my 2nd day at the British American School of Charlotte.

And I had scrambled eggs for breakfast today.  xo

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If it’s a Monday…

And you ask your hubby (and your Gus) to take a ‘quick’ walk with you to the grocery store to pick up dinner… and it ends up being something like a 5 mile trip, it’s probably best you surprise them with something like this when you get home:

Seeing it’s full of chocolate… I helped Gus with his half.

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31 | personal

Today you turn 31.

31 years, 31 birthdays… and an infinite number of reasons to celebrate your life.

I’m so lucky to have been by your side as you celebrated the last 9.  Which means I could go on and on (and on) about the wishes I have for you in your 31st year.  I could reminisce about past birthday’s (like last year’s hot air balloon ride!), and say nice things about the kind of man you’ve grown into since I met you at the ripe young age of 22.

Instead, I’d like to thank your parents, my favorite in-laws:

For raising you to be kind.  For giving you morals and values; for teaching you to be honest, trusting and trustworthy.  For your witty and sarcastic sense of humor.  For giving you birthday’s and Christmases you still talk about.  For being there at your sporting events, and allowing you to literally explore the world.  I’d like to thank them for moving to Florida so you’d move to Cape May after college and we’d fall in love.  For instilling in you a strong work ethic, and the importance of family.  For giving you a brother who is now your best friend; someone you can call for advice, wisdom and opinions.  I thank them for taking you on all those vacations and special trips to Disney; for allowing you to be a kid.  For building you a basketball court and encouraging the things you loved.  For loving your friends, and for helping you to always make the right choices.  For pulling out old photos, report cards and sports jackets and sharing them with me; for still remembering the little moments.  For giving you dogs to love and care for.  For teaching you to appreciate everything you have.

Most of all, I thank them for giving you so many years of a home filled with laughter, and a life where love was always present.  Because today, you are the product of all these things, and more.  And our life is so beautiful because of it.

I’m guessing, at 31, you are exactly the man they dreamed you would become.

I’m so thankful for you, and for everything they did to get you where you are.

Happy, happy birthday.   xo.

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