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Emily | Charlotte Senior Portrait Photographer

From my side of the lens, I imagine Emily is the coolest girl in her high school.  The kind of cool you look back on when you’re out of that little world, out of that little bubble, and wonder why you ever tried so hard.  And you picture someone like her, roaming the halls, doing her own thing.  Never really having to try, never concerned with being someone she’s not.

But like any other girl, she had a few outfits lined up for our shoot.  And just home from her weekend job as a waitress at a local restaurant, hair still thrown up in a ponytail, she ran off to put a straightener through her strands, and that was it.  No fuss, no real anxiety about the gray skies, the drizzling rain and the humidity that does not belong anywhere in New England in late September.

She found the perfect location for her photos, and was game for scaling 9 foot walls to stand on a ledge in front of huge, beautiful church windows.  She was all about throwing on a dress and taking off into a field (barefoot!), to stand among the damp grass.  (Though the line was drawn when we ventured off toward a barn and found a praying mantas hanging out, among a million black flies)

At one point she was sure to tell me she didn’t want anything “fake”… no fake smiles, no head thrown back in fake laughter.  She said that wasn’t her.  That’s not who she is.  And I love these photos all the more because of this.  They are genuine, they are Emily.  Real smiles, real laughter.

She’s into music (The Doors are a favorite), and is an incredibly talented artist (amazing drawings and paintings!), she’s in classes I would never dream of taking when I was in high school (AP this and AP that), and she’s involved (Yearbook committee — I hope she’s able to sneak in a bunch of pictures of herself!).

She’s just cool… the kind that is effortless and real.

Emily:  I loved being with you during this shoot!!  I hope you see how beautiful you are through these photos, and look back on them someday with wonderful memories of your time in high school.  My wish for you as you finish your senior year, is that you pursue what you love… that you follow your heart and your passion and do something with your talent in art.  Find a way to do this and you will always be happy.

There is a whole world waiting for you.  Beyond the roads, and the town, and the people you are so familiar with… there is a world and a life that you probably can’t even imagine yet.  Just know that it’s out there, and know that I’ll be anxiously waiting to see where it takes you!  xo.




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Giveaway #2!

Earlier this year I introduced my first blog reader giveaway (an iTunes gift card!), and with the Summer season coming to an end, I thought now would be the perfect time to introduce the next one!

Having just wrapped my first “mini” session, I’m anxious to get out there and do another…  and so came the decision to choose that as my next giveaway.

The details:

             Those interested must live within the Charlotte area, as I’ll be choosing a location in the city for this session

             The session will last 20 minutes

             You will receive a disc of 10 – 15 edited, high resolution images for your keeping

… So maybe you need some updated photos of you and your love that you haven’t had done since your wedding, a family photo for this year’s Christmas card, or just some of yourself for no reason at all.  To remember this time in your life.  Then this one’s for you!

All you need to do is leave a comment below.  Just say Hello, and if you’d like, give a little background as to why you’d love to have some photos taken!  The winner will be chosen at random by next Thursday, August 25th.

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Christine | Senior Portraits

Christine is that girl you wanted to be in high school… or at least that girl you wanted to be best friends with!

Aside from being absolutely gorrrrgeous, she is also all brains.  She’s held a 4.0 GPA for the past 3 years, while pulling rank as captain of the varsity dance team for the last two, as well as this coming year.  She’s also incredibly warm, sweet, and funny, with a huge group of girlfriends who are equally as beautiful and intelligent as she is.

I have no doubt a year from now she will be preparing to head off to a Division I school (Tennessee?? Vanderbilt??) a part of the dance team, and studying her way to the corner office in some high rise, or her own dermatology practice.

She also happens to be my cousin.. who I love so, so much.

Christine, I had the BEST time with you during this shoot!!  You have an amazing head on your shoulders, and the world is literally at your feet; I’m so excited to see what’s in store for you!  Enjoy each minute of your senior year, and know that life just keeps getting better.  xo.

We also took a little time to get some shots for her dance portfolio!  I’ll leave you with this one:

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