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2012 | charlotte photographer

Last day of the year.


Photography-wise (and on a personal level – hello, baby on the way!), it has been a fabulous year!  I’ve had the honor of shooting as the sun set on a Jamaican wedding, and as the sun rose on the white-capped Rockies of Denver; while a Wizard of Oz-like storm rolled into the hills of Vermont… along the beaches & among the apple orchards of NH, in back alleys of Charlotte and so much more.

And in those places, I’ve captured so many moments.

My love for certain ones has continued to develop:  laughter, movement, blowing hair and closed eyes.  Crying babies and families loving on each other.  An embrace that says SO much, and a sideways glance that says even more.  Real life.

I’m so thankful to my clients who embrace my vision and love those in-between moments just as much as I do.  A posed photo says one thing… and all the others say everything else.

What’s your favorite memory of 2012?  Pick one.  Let it carry you into the New Year.



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Chicago | Personal

After a couple nights in Cleveland for a wedding, we hopped over to Chicago for some early anniversary celebrating!  Loved every minute of our time in the Windy City – and it lived up to its reputation.  Can’t wait to get back again soon.

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As I mentioned in the previous post, we spent last weekend in Utah with our good pals, Tim & Kaity.  We drove up from Phoenix and they drove down from Park City, all of us meeting up in  Springdale, UT – home to Zion National Park.

Kaity and I planned this trip as a surprise to the guys – Tim was in the dark about our arrival until we pulled into the parking lot of the lodge at 1am, and Rich found out Thursday night after a quick scavenger hunt (as you’ll see in the video!).  It was such a fun, relaxing weekend;  it’s always so nice to spend time with such good friends.  We’re already looking forward to seeing them again in September!!

It’s hard to squeeze everything into a movie that covers an entire weekend (at least one that doesn’t require you to buy tickets and popcorn)… so here’s my best shot at wrapping up 48 hours in 3 1/2 minutes!

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We spent the past weekend at this little place called Zion National Park.  Here’s a frame from near the top of the trail we hiked on Saturday… a video of our trip is in the works!  Stay tuned!

(And when I say little… I’m clearly being sarcastic!)

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