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Rich and I both had great weekends, with great friends – the boys had their fun in Phoenix, and us girls had our fun in Charlotte!

We love our time together, and we love our time with friends – because nothing beats a fun weekend with the guys, and nothing beats time well spent with girlfriends…

Well, except for sharing the stories with each other when it’s just us together again… laughing, remembering, and already looking forward to another weekend like this one.

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If only…

We stuck around long enough to see this group take off…. and this little guy with his goggles on, riding shot gun.  (Clearly, he was a big hit… too cute!)

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Vegas weekend

I’m still here!   Still having eye issues… still on a bit of a blog vacaaaay.  Hopefully back again with regular updates SOON!!

We made a quick trip to Vegas this past weekend.  Quick because it was just a 2-night stay, and quick because it’s actually QUICK to get there by air.  Like 40 minutes wheels up to wheels down kind of quick.  (If only all flights could be as short)  It was just the two of us… the first time we’ve been without friends/family or each on our own trips with friends… we had such a fun time – and it was relatively relaxing, by Vegas standards 🙂

Here’s a look at a how we spent some of our time in Sin City… no cameras in the casinos, so just use your imagination for that portion.

We stayed at the new Mandarin Oriental – Are you a Fan? We are!

Walked into the room and were greeted with this view:

And this swimming pool tub:

Explored the new casino next to the Mandarin:

Spent most of Saturday in Harrah’s, but escaped right around dusk to walk around:

Rich danced:

And I posed (PS. glasses = eye issues):

Rich tried picking up the phone number of a Chanel model (I doubt she’ll call…):

Woke up to a new day… and didn’t stop here on our way to brunch:

And proof we were there together:

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Going Places | Travel

Have you ever tried counting the number of flights you’ve been on?  Or maybe the number of states or countries you’ve visited?

I remember my first plane ride… waaaay back in 1986.  I was traveling with my Aunt Anne, going to visit my Grandfather in Florida for the first time.  There were just so many things to look forward to:  flying!, Disney World, Sea World, the warm water beaches… I’m sure my little 5 yr old brain was just bursting with excitement.  We flew Eastern Airlines and I remember getting a pair of wings from the stewardess (Flight Attendant these days!), and also experiencing turbulence on the return flight to Boston …. at the time I thought it was very exciting to be bumped and dipped and swayed all over the place, watching the lightning off in the distance – today, not so much.  It wasn’t until college that I next flew on a plane… and these days it seems like we’re hopping on a flight every month or two.

I’ve tried counting the number of flights I’ve taken since moving from the East Coast over the summer of 2004 (clearly, it must have been a slow day!), and lost track somewhere around 45 (although I’d rather not begin to count the number of $’s involved with all those flights).  But it seems we’ve been bitten by the travel bug since relocating, and always find ourselves talking about/dreaming about/ and then booking the next trip.  Sometimes to a new city, other times to visit family and friends, for special events or just for fun.  The plan is to always take advantage of where we’re living in the country at any given time, and what’s in close proximity to us that would make for a cool place to see!

So with 2010 underway… where did January go?!… we’re back at the drawing board, planning out our travel for the next few months and later in the year:  Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Maryland, Illinois, Minnesota, Florida, New Hampshire, Washington DC… whew, can’t wait!  And plans for international travel are underway for 2011!  (If anyone out there has suggestions for things to do and see in Minneapolis and/or Chicago we’d love to hear them!!)

Happy Trails – here’s hoping for little to no turbulence on these upcoming flights  🙂

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