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Babies! | Personal

So much baby goodness!

This weekend dear friends of ours each had little boys (congrats to the Clark and Breitfeller families!!), and this morning brought about another baby cake gender reveal party!

A short video below of today’s festivites —  congrats again to Kelly, James and Benjamin!



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Lake Pleasant | Saturday fun

We’ve lived here in the Phoenix area for about 2 1/2 years…. and many times Lake Pleasant has come up in conversation — a lake in the desert?  So we finally decided today was THE day to visit this mirage people have been talking about.  Forty-five minutes and a few detours later we pulled through the park and made our way down to the shoreline; we did some serious off roading to get down to the water (and when it was time to leave, some serious praying that we’d be able to pull out of the many holes the tires were continuously spinning in — thanks again to the kind gentleman who gave us some great advice on how to get out of our jam.  If not for him, I was starting to believe our only way “out” was to set up shop and start a duck tour company with the car… the water was that close as we tried and tried to break free).  We can laugh about it now!

We found ourselves a little inlet and spent the afternoon swimming and lounging.

And it’s Guster’s 7 month birthday!  I’d say today was exactly what he had in mind as a way to celebrate:

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As I mentioned in the previous post, we spent last weekend in Utah with our good pals, Tim & Kaity.  We drove up from Phoenix and they drove down from Park City, all of us meeting up in  Springdale, UT – home to Zion National Park.

Kaity and I planned this trip as a surprise to the guys – Tim was in the dark about our arrival until we pulled into the parking lot of the lodge at 1am, and Rich found out Thursday night after a quick scavenger hunt (as you’ll see in the video!).  It was such a fun, relaxing weekend;  it’s always so nice to spend time with such good friends.  We’re already looking forward to seeing them again in September!!

It’s hard to squeeze everything into a movie that covers an entire weekend (at least one that doesn’t require you to buy tickets and popcorn)… so here’s my best shot at wrapping up 48 hours in 3 1/2 minutes!

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Weekend | News!

I hope everyone’s having a great weekend! We ventured out to our first MLB game of the summer last night, to watch the Diamondbacks take on the Marlins – with front row seats behind the D-backs dugout it was impossible not to enjoy the game! And tonight we’re off to see Kings Of Leon with friends… it’s an outdoor concert…. in AZ…. with a temp of 112. Should be hot, and fun!!

I also wanted to share that I’m now associated with a professional photo lab! This means clients, along with their friends and family, can view all the photos online after an event, purchase things like premium prints / albums / coffee table books / holiday cards, etc etc. I’m very excited about taking this next step for my business!

Below you can see a little screen shot of an album design I’m working on, and a slideshow of Crystal and Brian’s engagement session! (They’ll be getting married in just over a month!)

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Happiness | Our House

Guster has been in our lives for just over a month now… he brings us so much happiness, exercise!, and love.  He has flipped our world upside down in the best way.  He’s growing so, so quickly… I worry for the day he controls ME when we head out on the leash.  It’s bound to happen… so I’ll enjoy being in control for the time being; the ability to just pick him up and whisk him off to another corner of the yard, the one with less interesting flower petals!   We love him very much… and I think the feeling is mutual.  Some video of our first month together… (it’ll be fun to put this all together when he’s full grown, and probably still jumping into my lap!)

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