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2012 | charlotte photographer

Last day of the year.


Photography-wise (and on a personal level – hello, baby on the way!), it has been a fabulous year!  I’ve had the honor of shooting as the sun set on a Jamaican wedding, and as the sun rose on the white-capped Rockies of Denver; while a Wizard of Oz-like storm rolled into the hills of Vermont… along the beaches & among the apple orchards of NH, in back alleys of Charlotte and so much more.

And in those places, I’ve captured so many moments.

My love for certain ones has continued to develop:  laughter, movement, blowing hair and closed eyes.  Crying babies and families loving on each other.  An embrace that says SO much, and a sideways glance that says even more.  Real life.

I’m so thankful to my clients who embrace my vision and love those in-between moments just as much as I do.  A posed photo says one thing… and all the others say everything else.

What’s your favorite memory of 2012?  Pick one.  Let it carry you into the New Year.



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jessica & tommy | charlotte wedding photographer

Jessica & Tommy were married on a Sunday in December at her Grandfather’s farm house (which dates back to 1903, if I overheard a conversation correctly!).  The morning started with the bride picking holly berries and the ladies in the kitchen cooking.

Everything about their plans could not have been more low key… the day was sweet, intimate and all about what really matters.



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jeff & abby | vermont wedding photographer

Their vows were personal.

Both of the toasts were heartfelt.

The venue was quintessential Vermont.

And the weather was something out of the Wizard of Oz.


Jeff & Abby:  Your day was perfection, and the love that filled it was evident in every.single.moment.

Cheers to a beautiful wedding

and a beautiful marriage.

Love you both!  xo


We had literally 3.5 minutes for the next few photos…the dark clouds rolled in, crazy wind started and then the skies opened up:

And thank you to my Dad for 2nd shooting with me!  Growing up, I never saw him without a camera in hand… to shoot weddings with him is something special.

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icing on the cake | charlotte wedding photographer

What to do when you’re married on a tropical island, but also want to document your love in the city you call home?

The answer is simple:  throw on your tux, slip back into your dress, and gallivant around town without the worry of waiting guests.


Oh, and the countless “Congratulations!” you get as we pass people on the street?  Just icing on that non-existent wedding cake.

Enjoy a few from Chris & Rebecca’s ‘day after’ session:

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