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Sisters | Charlotte Wedding Photographer

The day started early.  There were bagels and donuts.

The bride’s only request before heading out the door was a chocolate glazed.  And those are Melissa’s favorite too, so please save her one.


We hopped in the car a short while later, just the four of us… me and the three sisters.  Stories were told about their time around the dinner table… their ‘seats’ and the memories that were created over another meal that is today, less about the food that was eaten, and more about the conversation and topics that went along with it.  (One involved a box of nerds that ended up flying out of Karen’s mouth, “rapid fire”).


More laughter.

We arrived to the salon and they watched each other getting ready.  The bride first, the other two looking on… offering their advice, jokes and most important of all, dance moves.

Best friends.

The rest of the girls arrived.  Her chosen sisters.   And one very soon-to-be sister-in-law.  Mimosas were served and more stories were told.  It was, in my opinion, the perfect wedding day morning.  So laid back, fun and full… of love, happiness and everything your last few hours before becoming a Mrs. should be.

To the Reed sisters:   aside from seeing Karen and Sean heading back down the aisle as husband and wife, my favorite part of the day was the time I spent with the three of you.  Thank you for making me feel like one of the fam, and mostly for being so sweet and welcoming throughout the weekend.  I hope our paths cross again soon!  xo.

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Scenes from a rehearsal dinner | Charlotte Wedding Photographer

I  just adore rehearsal dinners.   So awesome to hear the bride + groom speak so candid and lovingly about those closest to them.  I’ll stop now… and  let these images do the same.

Congrats to Sean + Karen.

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Giveaway #2!

Earlier this year I introduced my first blog reader giveaway (an iTunes gift card!), and with the Summer season coming to an end, I thought now would be the perfect time to introduce the next one!

Having just wrapped my first “mini” session, I’m anxious to get out there and do another…  and so came the decision to choose that as my next giveaway.

The details:

             Those interested must live within the Charlotte area, as I’ll be choosing a location in the city for this session

             The session will last 20 minutes

             You will receive a disc of 10 – 15 edited, high resolution images for your keeping

… So maybe you need some updated photos of you and your love that you haven’t had done since your wedding, a family photo for this year’s Christmas card, or just some of yourself for no reason at all.  To remember this time in your life.  Then this one’s for you!

All you need to do is leave a comment below.  Just say Hello, and if you’d like, give a little background as to why you’d love to have some photos taken!  The winner will be chosen at random by next Thursday, August 25th.

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special offering! | NH Wedding Photographer

Most of you know I live in Charlotte… with a house and a mortgage, wonderful friends and a fabulous Southern city to call our own.  Charlotte is where we have decided to build our life and spend the coming years.

But I was born and raised in New England (NH to be exact!), and to me, that will always be Home. 

I have a special piece hanging on the wall by the back door in our house.  I see it every time I leave, each time I sit down to eat, when I’m doing dishes, or playing with Gus on the kitchen floor.  It reads: Home is the place our feet may leave, but not our hearts.  My Mom stitched it for me as a going away gift when I left for college, and it is always the first thing I’ve hung up in any place we’ve lived.  It is so treasured for the love it was made with and the sentiment it carries.

And the other day it got me thinking about a special offering, because Charlotte is a quick flight to Boston (and there’s nothing I love more than a visit back Home!):

For any wedding booked in New England, all travel fees will be waived.  Just like that.

You make the same investment in your wedding photography as any local bride would, and there will be no additional costs for my travel to be there for your big day.

So if you’re a bride-to-be in the Northeast who loves my style (or if you know of someone planning their wedding!), let’s chat!

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