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Dear Baby,

Over the last month or so, your Dad & I have made it a point to go out to dinner every Friday.  A date night just for us…  we know they will be fewer and further between once you arrive (date lunches will be more like it), and so we’re doing our best to seize the remaining time.

As we were leaving a restaurant last week, something caught his eye, and stopped him in his tracks.  And right there, he proclaimed what will be his most important dating advice for you:

Never sit on the same side of the table when out at a restaurant.

A young couple, squeezed together on the same side of the booth – it drives him crazy, which I find so funny.  Another thing that might drive him crazy?  The fact that someday you will be on an actual date.  More advice, and rules, to follow.   Especially if you’re a girl. 

We love you!

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